Amit Mani Mishra : Internet Marketing Strategist
New Delhi, India


I work in many different areas of Internet marketing and Internet advertising. I have been doing so for over 4.5 years and am very accomplished (read that as extremely effective). I do things and get results most people dream of such as bringing websites to the top of all major search engines in a weekend's time. I've done this for a number of websites, so the particular techniques I use are proven.

How I Work

How I will work will depend on (1) how the client wants me to work, i.e., as a consultant or as someone who does the work, (2) the type of product or service the client offers, (3) the condition of the client’s website, (4) the client’s budget and (5) the timeframe in which the client expects to see results. [Some Internet marketing and advertising strategies can produce results almost immediately while others take longer (days and weeks versus months).]

How I Approach the Work

Much of the Internet marketing and advertising work I do for a client will depend on what strategies I know to be most effective at a given point in time, i.e., what strategies, when employed, will give the client the most results for their money. Factors (2), (3), (4) and (5) above also come into play here.

Types of Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising I Do
  • Anything legal that will get a website to the top of search engines in record time ideally within 10 days or less. I know all the practices and tricks and then some.
  • Website Analysis (Is the website designed to rank as well as it can.)
  • Search marketing (Seo and Internet marketing)
  • Pay-per-click
  • Blogging
  • Social bookmarking
  • Linking
  • Directory listing
  • Shopping comparison site listing
  • RSS
  • Press releases
  • Pay-per-call

Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising Business Areas I Have Worked in
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Check Recovery Systems
  • Mexico Weight Loss Surgery
  • Vacation Getaways
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Sweat Products
  • Website Design Services
  • Jewelry Sales
  • Off Plan Property Investments
  • Legal
  • Legal Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage Lead Generation
  • Travel Accessories
  • Water Gardens & Ponds
  • Options Trading Schools & Software
  • Event Tickets
  • Business Opportunities
  • Herbalistic Solutions
  • International Trade/Import-Export
  • Event Planning/Promotion
  • Metal Engraving
  • Industrial Manufacturing/Distribution

Specific Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising Work/Accomplishments

Consistently bring websites to the top of all the major search engines in anywhere from a weekend to 10 days to a couple of months (depends on the website and how much they listen to me).
Generally get a new website or blog “in the system” (where it’s searchable) in anywhere from one to several days.
Managed or worked on different pay-per-click campaigns both on Google and Yahoo for legal finance, personal injury law, event tickets, options trading, Internet marketing, vacation getaways, Mexico weight loss, anti-aging medicine and others. Some of these campaigns I still manage.
Managed several different pay-per-call campaigns through different vendors for legal finance.