Who Else Wants More Customers & Increased Profits By Letting An Adwords Expert Do All The Work?

This is really a Good for me - Now I am Google Adwords Qualified Professional.
I am not Sure how many SEO Companies or SEO Guys in India are Qualified by Adwords. But I'll must recommend you to hire any Certified Professional to save your time and to Get ROI of your Dollar.

I got this certification on June 16, 2009. I was waiting for long days for this certification and finally i got that day.

June 16, 2009 was very important and unforgettable day of my life, not only that I become a Google Adwords Qualified Individual, also there are some other reason.
I would like to say thanks that to my friends who provoke me to get this certification.

I'm a Google AdWords Expert I Understand Google’s Quality Score ad ranking system and quality-based bidding.

Internet marketing contact Steve Weber told me determine how much money you are willing to LOSE per day as you learn.

Set this amount for your daily budget. You will lose money at first as you learn; just think of it as a cost of learning. If you want your budget to be $20, MAKE SURE you don't type 2000 instead of 20.00!! I've heard horror stories about that mistake!

Creating many ad groups each with a keyword or two is better than having a few ad groups with each having many keywords.

Uncheck "content network" in campaign settings. It is checked by default. You do not want to have your ads on the content network at first.

I usually start my bids around .50 and then see how the ad's placement is. It is fine to be at position 4 to 6 for now. Oftentimes, getting to be number 1 or 2 simply costs too much.

Create 3 or 4 ads for each ad group and set "ad servings" to rotate. This will show which are more effective at getting clicks. Run them for a week or two and delete or tweak the lower performing ones.

Numbers in your ads really helps catch attention If a new ad group costs you more money than one sale will make, let it go a little longer and then pause it for several days. Try it again in a few days. If it loses money again, rethink your product/keywords/ads/etc.

One more word of warning!

If you are promoting an affiliate product, make sure you visit the vendor's sales page with your affiliate link. There, check the buy button. It should lead you to a checkout process where you will be credited. Many times this is not the case. If you don't understand how to check this or what to look for, don't start your campaign until you do! You could simply be giving Google money and making sales for the vendor for free!

http://tiny.cc/GoogleAdwordsProfessional  and Analytics certificate here - http://tiny.cc/GoogleAnalytics 

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