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Today evening i got an email from Google Adwords, It was about a Seminar. I would like to share that mail's contents with you. As I belive that it will help you a lot.

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AdWords & Export Partners

There are 1.2 billion online consumers around the world...wouldn't you like to add some of them to your customer base?
Despite the pound standing at an all time low against the Euro and weak against other currencies, only 75,000 businesses in Britain are currently exporting. The EU recently identified a number of barriers to export for SMEs including: language and cultural barriers, cross-border logistics and payments, administrative barriers and advertising challenges, highlighting the need for UK business support in this area.
Google, in partnership with Applied Language Solutions, HSBC, Royal Mail, Institute of Export, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) and Alibaba.com have launched a new comprehensive export solution called the Export Adviser, for UK businesses interested in exporting their goods and services abroad.
The Export Adviser is a 5 step how-to toolkit to guide you through the exporting process. The site includes expert advice for novice exporters, as well as new tools and incentives for existing exporters looking to reach new customers in new markets. The site also includes a brand new tool to help businesses find their market hotspots overseas. Using data from the millions of Internet searches conducted on Google worldwide you will be able to see the estimated cost-per click for a variety of markets based on your keywords. This will enable you to make informed decisions on where you should target your international campaigns and improve the overall performance and return on investment of your AdWords account.

Incentives to help you get started
The Export Box from Applied Language Solutions
If you're thinking of expanding into foreign markets but you aren't sure where to begin, Export Box provides you with everything needed to begin exporting – all in one place!
In purchasing the Export Box for the package price of £3,000 you will get:
A translated website, built as landing pages for specific search terms
Keywords and adverts researched and designed for target country in target language
£1,000 worth of paid advertising on Google Multilingual PPC plus a free £200 Google voucher
Free 'shop front' and exclusive discount on 'Gold Supplier' Membership for Alibaba.com to expose your products to over 8M international buyers
£1,000 worth of language support
Membership to the Institute of Export to support you in your venture and discounted international banking with HSBC
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Export Webinar
We would also like to invite you to attend a series of free online seminars to help you find out everything you need to know about taking your business international! Sign up here
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