Google is experimenting with a new search algorithm, labelled Caffeine, in an effort to improve the performance of its search engine. Users are invited to test it and provide feedback.

After its acquisition of FriendFeed this week, Facebook revealed it's working on a new "lite" version of its site, which has opened up for testing to a small pool of users.

Is Microsoft finally becoming interested in web standards? The IE team has raised a number of questions and concerns about the emerging HTML 5 standard.

And there's trouble in the Redmond fortress -- the software giant was ordered to stop selling Word due to violating a 1998 patent.

In other news, Mozilla released the first alpha version of Firefox 3.6, while Apache Commons released Commons Math 2.0, designed to extend Java's maths library.

This week's feature articles include a method for secure remote firewall administration via SSH , what questions to ask at a job interview, and why your company should employ open source developers.

In videos, we bring you coverage from the CloudWorld event in San Francisco and a discussion about the recent iPhone-related controversy.

Lastly, check out Chris Duckett's two photo galleries; one on WordPress 2.8 the other from NICTA Techfest 09 (