Google has released a range of new gadgets for iGoogle, which will add new social and sharing features to users of the service. The gadgets will mirror several features available on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, such as the ability to share story links on status updates, play multiplayer games and comment on photos and videos.

"The additions were made in response to users' demands for more features that allow them to connect with their friends," said Marissa Mayer, Google's Vice President of Search Products and User Experience. The gadgets for iGoogle will take the advantage of the Open Social API (Application Programming Interface) to build social-networking features into the small little software programs that iGoogle users can use to customize their home pages.

iGoogle users in Australia have been using the social gadgets for about a week now. Games and news have dominated the initial days of the Open Social gadgets on iGoogle. This is the latest enhancement to iGoogle, which Google launched in 2005 and has been delivering as an alternative home page by occasionally promoting it on
source - siliconindia