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Global Telecoms - Key Trends and Statistics A wealth of information on the trends and developments taking place in the worldwide telecoms sector. This report provides analyses of the issues surrounding the communications revolution, with a focus on the digital economy, structural separation and next generation telecoms. Information on submarine cable and fibre developments is provided as well as an overview of the global telecoms outsourcing market. Comprehensive information on the exciting developments taking place in the mobility sector is included along with statistics and forecasts for both the mobile and wireless broadband sectors. This report also provides a valuable summary of key global telecoms market statistics including subscribers to both fixed and mobile technologies, top carriers worldwide and global telecoms capital expenditure and revenues.

Investing in the Communications Revolution - Global TelecomsThe most remarkable aspect of this report is that the views of Professor Carlota Perez as expressed here were written well before the global financial crisis. This makes this report all the more poignant. At the same time it validates that telecoms have a key role to play in the economic revival. However, this will need to be done in a totally new framework in order to get us through the transition period of the communications revolutions. We are now moving towards what she calls the mass deployment phase, which will be accompanied by unprecedented social and economic benefits – not just for individual nations but, if we do it right, for the global community also.

Global Report - VoIP - Overview & Statistics Improved technology solutions have led to a robust VoIP market in 2008. Worldwide subscribers have increased considerably in the past couple of years and substantial growth is predicted ahead – however security concerns still need to be resolved. Japan, China and the USA continue to be some of the world’s hottest markets for IP telephony. Over the last two years, Europe has also become a prime innovator in VoIP services, whether stand-alone, bundled as a triple play offer, or through fixed-mobile convergence packages.

Digital Media - IPTV Europe and Asia have had the most dynamic IPTV markets over the past few years, but recently in the USA the telcos’ IPTV plans, on the back of their fibre deployments, have started to gather significant momentum. However on the whole, around the world, customers continue to be more interested in the web based broadband video applications rather than IP based TV.This page was last modified on May 26, 2009, at 11:39 (UTC).
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