Today I was trying to find some information about Web Designing. I was reading reviews of experts about website design and using of color. Luckily i visit  this website and collected all info from there. I would like to put that info for you.

Right and apt usage of colors while designing a website is a crucial decision every web designer has to take. A website is not only a cluster of web pages, it actually represents a company, owner, employees and products. It requires a lot of understanding of the business before designing the website as that may already has an established color scheme. However, color scheme is one of the most significant factors as it can impact the company’s branding and positioning in the market.

Here are a few considerations all designers must keep in mind before designing a corporate website.

1. Use natural colors

Natural colors are more pleasing and give a soothing effect to your website. You can make a good combination of light colors like white, grey, yellow etc. to make your website visually enticing. Avoid using unnatural colors as they usually strain visitors eyes.

2. Text color contrasts with background color

This definitely impacts the readability of the content of the website. You can use the standard black text color on white background or other effective colors such as dark blue, gray and black. You are free to use as much colors as you want, as long as it doesn’t take away the contrast of the text.

3. Be consistent

A consistent color theme throughout the website allows the user to feel more at ease and in control of their navigation. Also to reinforce the brand recognition and for earning familiarity amongst the visitors, consistent layout and design is a must. You can select an average of three colors to maintain the consistency throughout the website.

4.Colors and emotions

Different colors have different meanings and emotions. They express happiness, sadness, anger, comfort, trust, anxiety etc. You can spend some time researching on different colors considering the mood you want to create and the audience you are designing for. A few common colors and their meanings:
Red -Energy, cheerfulness, courage, power, determination
Yellow- Intelligence, happiness, energy, enthusiasm, confidence, humour, dreams, creativity.
Green -Money, success, youth, stability, freshness, nature, tranquil, sharing, friendliness.
Orange -friendliness, warmth, approachability, energy, playfulness, courage.
Blue- wisdom, sophistication, celebration.
White- purity, cleanliness, youth, freshness, peace.
Black- power, elegance, secrecy, mystery.
Gray- security, maturity, reliability.

5.The recall value

Prospects and customers usually associate a brand with its colors. Even for a small business, choosing the right color and its association with the brand should be considered. Once a brand has been established, visitors will have certain expectations from the website as well, hence, it is important for a designer to use the same colors or similar colors used in branding or in marketing collaterals of that particular company.
There are many tools available on the Internet that help in selecting the best color combination for designing a website. These tools allow you to choose different set of colors that best suit your needs on different criteria like rating, positive comments or even the names of those combinations. These resources will help you apply same set of colors to your favorite website by detecting the hues employed with their corresponding programming code. They enable you to check out a variety of colors irrespective of the purpose, be it for business promotion, ad campaigns, product design or architectural design. You can compare palettes, submit news and comments or read articles and interviews. Some of the resources, which provide these services like Adobe Kuler, Colorlovers, Colorjack, I Like Your Colors, Color Palette Generator etc.
Hope these considerations would help you in selecting right colors for designing a corporate website. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as always.