I noticed that Google Adwords are not giving high importance to Indian customers. This is my personal experience with adwords,  I have send four-five emails regarding an account.
I had created an account one week ago and made payment via net banking but after a week I could not find a single impression against my ad. I have sent 4-5 emails to google and requested to review my account and allow it for search.
Adwords user has only a single way to contact to Adwords and that way is email – adwords-support@google.com
Before adwords customers had more option to contact to Google Adwords for quick help. For example – live chat with adowrds specialist and telephone.
Last day I tried to call to adwords on his no - +18662466453 (Adwords Google – USA) for support but that girl who received my call, she told me that Google has closed his telephonic support.
After this bad news I tried to contact adwords specialist via live chat but no one was available online- https://adwords.google.com.au/select/starter/signup/ForkAuth
 See this page, there is an option for live support but no one is available when you really need them.

We customer has a single option to contact to Google Adwords Team. please go here and write your query.

I have one more example which indicates that How Google Adwords is failure. I was writing some post on Google Support Forum
(http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdWords/thread?tid=77c15c162635b8bc&hl=en) and luckily I found a post of Adwords Customer Mr. Mayukh Chakraborty.
I am totally agree with Mr. Chakraborty. I would like to post his mail draft here so that you can understand the Indian Adwords Customers problem.
Attn. Ms. Bindu
AdWords Pro, Google.com

Dear Madam,

We – TechnoDG - the leading ITS providing of North East India, want to put some information on this matter.

We're writing on behalf of our client - Mr. Prabir Sen of Tibet Tour & Travels, Gangtok, India. He has a Google AdWords A/c.

Yesterday he came and let us know that his AdWord a/c is not functioning and showing the Credit Card is declined.

We've checked his AdWord A/c and found from log that the Credit Card was declined on April 24, 2009. Since then his account is deactivated due to non-payment of his pending dues worth Rs.9000.00 +

We've updated billing/credit card information and also clicked on 'Retry' button but till now the Credit Card has not accepted. We've also added a new campaign and tried with the same credit card - but the result is same - Credit Card Declined.

We've contacted VISA authority and found no problem with his credit card. He is using his same Credit Card in other shopping sites without having any problem.

Now as per our analysis & survey -

The 2 reasons you mentioned in your post, are nothing related to this major issue. Neither our Credit Card has any problem (insufficient fund, locking issue, inactive issue etc.) nor our AdWord A/c is under review mode.


From August 1, 2009, a new authentication system has been placed to provide extra safety to your online card transactions. The Reserve Bank of India has made it mandatory for all online card transactions to have an extra level of authentication.

From now onwards - in time of Credit Card online process - we all Indian have to enter not only 16 Digit Credit Card Number, CVV Number, Expiry Date, Card Holder Name but also a new security code (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode).

But in your system (Google AdWord Payment module) - there is no option to put the new security code (Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode). This is a very BIG issue. You've to upgrade your system for this. You've to contact VISA & MasterCard authority for the same.

Our credit card is already Verfied by Visa but it’s still declined by your system and its 100% true that your AdWord Payment module is not compliant for this new compulsory online transaction security issue implented and makes it mandatory by RBI.

Please check the news reports from Economics Times, Business Standards, The Hindu etc on this issue and get updated.


Hope you'll treat this issue as VERY VERY URGENT as both of our client’s AdWords Campaign are inactive. Hence our client is loosing lots of business. Please resolve as soon as possible.

With regards,
Mayukh Chakraborty