How are you doing? We hope that the SiliconIndia network is benefiting you in more ways than you thought. In line with our mission of building a strong IT community,  we are organizing AIEPIC (All India Engineering Project Innovation Contest) that will bring together more than six lakh students in their final-year course from 1900 engineering colleges and 1500 MCA colleges across India to showcase their projects. The contest provides a level-playing field for every budding engineer to display his/her technical brilliance.  This is the only event of its kind being organized for the first time in India.

The projects that students submit for AIEPIC is not something exclusive. As part of their curriculum students need to execute a project in their final year. This is mandatory for their graduation. AIEPIC goes a step further to foster creativity, teamwork, and innovation among the engineering minds.

You have a role to play too!

Most of us have had a supervisor, a boss or coach. Those people wore many hats, acted as delegators, role models, guides and friends. On similar lines, we are inviting you to guide budding engineers in your own personal capacity. I am sure you will recall the early days of our college life. We only wished someone was there to guide us and show us the path for future career. Let's join hands so that the young engineers of today are not bereft of exposure they need.

Mentoring is a shared opportunity for learning and growth. As a mentor, you will be making a difference in someone else's life, learning about yourself, giving back and contributing to the future and having fun.

You can become mentor to students studying in the same college from where you graduated. Of course, you also have the option to mentor others as well. To become mentor, you should have at least five years of work experience.
You can also propose project ideas in the Project Bank section.

To become Mentor, visit at

Please note, the contest for students will begin on October 1, 2009. Right now we are inviting professionals like you to join the movement in guiding the future engineers of India.

AIEPIC is being sponsored by Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo! India R&D, CA, Tibco & Mindlogicx.

Thank you

Harvi Sachar
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