Google has received a boost in the most recent round of a legal wrangle with designer brand Louis Vuitton.

Composite of Louis Vuitton and Google
Louis Vuitton, famous for its designer handbags, took Google to court

The luxury retailer took the internet search giant to court in France to stop it using its name in sponsored web adverts.
It claimed Google infringed its trademark by letting other advertisers pay to use its brandname as a keyword.
Consumers searching for the brand, which is famous for its handbags, were often greeted by "sponsored links" from counterfeit sites, the company argued.
Louis Vuitton won that case but the row progressed to the European Court of Justice in Brussels.
In an preliminary "opinion" published today, the court said Google did not break EU law with its AdWords service.
AdWords allows companies to bid in an auction for sponsored link slots using keywords.
In the opinion document, Advocate-General Poiares Maduro said consumers realise a web link may not always come from an official brand.
"In effect, the mere display of relevant sites in response to keywords is not enough to establish a risk of confusion on the part of consumers as to the origin of goods or services," he wrote.
"Internet users are aware that not only the site of the trademark owner will appear as a result of a search in Google's search engine and sometimes they may not even be looking for that site."
His views will be considered by a full EU panel and a final decision is expected in or before 2010.