Formation of bad sectors in your hard disk is a common occurrence when the computer is working continuously for several days, more so when you are connected to the internet to accomplish your task. The general problems can be resolved using error checking utility from Microsoft Windows, but there can be complex situations where solutions are beyond this utility. Let us consider some of these situations.

Extraneous situations necessitating bad sector removal/recovery
Corrupted partitions, Hard disk formatted accidentally, Virus attack, Bad media, VFAT or FAT errors, Corruption of Operating system leading to data loss, Mail box or E-mail corruption, Address Book or Contacts corruption, Data base corruption, Missing files/directory, Server corruption, Hard drive broken, Natural calamities like fire, flood etc. Sabotage, Power surges, High voltage etc. are among the extraneous factors which can lead to bad sectors when bad sector removal or recovery is beyond users abilities. Most of these situations can cripple the business function for which the computer was deployed. Imagine a Bank where several computers or even servers are deployed and carry data pertaining to numerous customers. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to recover data from such scenarios, but today reliable professional help is at hand and the entire operation can even be carried out remotely except in certain exceptional circumstances. Professional services are available even to physically analyze the damaged hard disk and recover the data from them.
Where do you get help?
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