Quick Tips for Email Marketing Success
If you are new to email marketing, you might be a little overwhelmed about how to get going.

The good news is that you can give it a try for thirty days at absolutely no cost to you. Our permission-based email program lets you create professional newsletters while managing your opens and click throughs.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you started:

1. Add a Signup Form to your Website
Signup forms are the best way to build a list of responsive subscribers. When people sign up on your site to receive your newsletter or offers via our Sign Up Box, they are considered a double opt-in email address. These are the best email addresses because the recipient wants to hear from you.

2. Import your Client List
If you have the email addresses of people you have done business with recently or those that have requested information from you, you can easily import those into your account.

3. Pick an Email Template for your Message
We have hundreds of free templates to choose from. Find one that matches your company or product's personality and message. Or you can upload your own html template. And if you want something custom but can't be bothered fiddling with html, we can create a custom template for you for a small fee.

4. Decide on the Message
You probably have received emails that had a great Subject line (which made you open the email) or were cleverly written. Find something that you liked and use that as a model for your email. Be sure that the content is relevant to your readers. That way, they'll want to open the next email they receive from you.

5. Email Consistently
Once you've decide how often you want to communicate with your clients, members and prospects, stick with the plan. Your consistency will payoff in increased traffic (and sales).

If you feel like you need a little help our Support Team is ready and willing to guide you. Give our Support email me or contact them via Gtalk.