Link Building Services UK, USA, Australia, Italy, India and more.

Links links and links! Wherever you see on internet you can see millions of links scattered. Have you ever thought why so many links are being placed on internet? The reason is links gives you popularity. Link popularity is nothing but the quantity of links pointing TO your website FROM other websites on internet.
Link building services comprises of two types of link: -

One Way link building: One way link building is a process in which a link is obtained from other webmaster without providing any link in exchange. One way link building process is more beneficial as one don’t have to provide a link in exchange and thus gives an impression to Google that the site is very good.

Reciprocal link building: Reciprocal link building is a process sin which a webmaster has to offer a link in return of a link from other webmaster. Reciprocal link building is less effective as compared to One way link building. Reciprocal link building services enjoys a benefit that there is no limitation of how many links should be obtained in a month. High volume of one way links in a particular month raise the Google alarm.

Natural Link Building Campaign 

All these links are manually built and we do not employ any software for this. All our link builders visit sites manually and check the PR of every site and contact sites which fulfill the link acceptance criteria.

All our links follow the criteria below which make any link building campaign a success with us:
  • We secure only quality one way and reciprocal links.
  • Only relevant keywords are used for links as anchor text.
  • Links are from theme relevant pages.
  • Links are not through a “redirect” script.
  • No usage of JavaScript for links.
  • Links are from only those pages which include robots.txt.
  • Links are from only those pages which include Robots Tag.
  • We do not indulge in link buying. Therefore only natural links.
  • Link farms are prohibited for link building.
  • FFA (free for all) sites are strictly prohibited.
  • Sites with offensive content and pornographic links are strictly prohibited.
  • Monthly reports of links created.
  • Links go through two quality checks before deliver.
Link building checklist
All these link building services comply with Google Webmaster Guidelines and Yahoo! Search Quality Guidelines.
  • No automated software is used
  • Links are permanent – no nasty rental fees!
  • Links are from trusted, regularly indexed websites
  • Links are on relevant or on-topic pages
  • Links are surrounded by relevant text
  • Anchor text is relevant and varied
  • Links are one-way - no reciprocal link required
  • Deep links
  • Links are search engine friendly (no JavaScript or No Follow commands)
  • No 3 way or 'triangular' links
  • No link farms
  • No link exchanges
  • No websites used are owned by us
  • No links on free-for-all pages
  • No redundant search engine submissions - they find you through links
  • Links send traffic and boost rankings