Dear OnlyWire Customer,

To improve performance and success rate of OnlyWire submissions, we have migrated ALL submissions to a new platform that we call the "plugin" architecture. When you submit content to OnlyWire, your computer's web browser is utilized to perform the communication with the target site (i.e. Digg, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc...). In order for your OnlyWire submissions to go through, it's imperative that you follow these instructions:

1. Download the OnlyWire Firefox Add-On:

To install the Add-on, open Firefox to the following location:
(if you don't have Firefox, download it here)

2. Logout then Login to OnlyWire on your Firefox web browser

After you have submitted content, there's nothing special that you have to do: simply having the add-on installed will allow the submission to flow to your social networking sites seamlessly. Currently, Firefox is the only supported browser. We will be launching add-ons that utilize all browsers over the coming weeks.

3. Install the Bookmark & Share Button

Be sure to add the Bookmark & Share Button to your website or blog. Our customer feedback and market research shows that providing your end-users with the Button will have a dramatic effect on the syndication of your content.

To embed the Button in your site, simply follow the instructions here:

Coming Soon

We have a lot of great things in the pipeline:

- Pro / Enterprise - for unlimited submission capability
- Plugins for Internet Explorer, Windows, Mac and Linux servers
- iPhone App (Official Launch April 2010)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at:


The OnlyWire Team

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