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179 Oakridge Dr.
Raeford, NC 28376
  • Reviewed by: XanderZone
    Updated: 02-21-09
    Overall Rating: 5 Star Review
    I like this merchant overall. Good working!!!
  • 5 stars Reviewed by: walkerman8867_8623836196
    Updated: 02-05-09
    Overall Rating: 5 Star Review
    the response was fast they were very helpful i will shop here again thank you
  • 5 stars Reviewed by: mrjester888
    Updated: 02-04-09
    Overall Rating: 5 Star Review
    Overall, the experience was great. Two points of improvement though. 1. Their website reported a "Temp" status when my order was shipped. I was very surprised to see it show up on my doorstep when it did. 2. Email response was very slow to my query.Otherwise, great price and it was delivered as indicated.
  • 5 stars Reviewed by: richie1002_2125761378
    Updated: 01-30-09
    Overall Rating: 5 Star Review
    This is the first thing that I ordered and it was easy to find and I look forward to receiving the product. Thank you for your help! ml, Richard
  • 1 stars Reviewed by: jesse.hillman_9763129398
    Updated: 01-30-09
    Overall Rating: 1 Star Review
    I purchased a Garmin GPS accessory from these people on the 3rd of January, opted for priority shipping, my credit card was charged on the 4th and as of the 21st of January I have still not received the merchandise. I have called and left messages, sent e-mail and still received no status. DO NOT buy from these people.
  • 3 stars Reviewed by: cfjcaaa_5554270077
    Updated: 01-27-09
    Overall Rating: 3 Star Review
    good but i think need more work in the shipment and information.
  • 5 stars Reviewed by: mcferron_4891944046
    Updated: 01-27-09
    Overall Rating: 5 Star Review
    Getting the order shipped and receiving safely is important too.
  • 4 stars Reviewed by: ih5088
    Updated: 01-27-09
    Overall Rating: 4 Star Review
    They Seem ok Thus Far
  • 4 stars Reviewed by: rejeanderaps_9571796872
    Updated: 01-22-09
    Overall Rating: 4 Star Review
    This is may second order, the first one ,everything went very well
  • 5 stars Reviewed by: tomtomlinson-01_6783447432
    Updated: 12-10-08
    Overall Rating: 5 Star Review
    This is my first purchase from this seller. I'll know how the transaction goes, when I receive the shipping info that i requestd, and when the item is delivered.

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