Bing is certainly popular worldwide. StatCounter is reporting that Microsoft’s creation has passed up Yahoo! as the second most-used search engine globally.
Let’s take a look at the hard numbers. In February, Bing nabbed 4.37% of the global share, just ahead Yahoo! at 3.93%. They both still pale in comparison to Google’s whopping 89.94% share of the pie, but it is interesting to see Bing growing. All of those TV product placements must be helping.
Domestic results, however, are a different story. Yahoo! still managed to hold on to the silver medal with 9.74%, while Bing was trailing ever-so-close behind at 9.03%. Shockingly, Google actually has less control over the search engine market share in the United States with just 79.63%. Okay, so that’s still nothing to complain about, but Bing could pull ahead of Yahoo! in March.
Which search engine is your favorite?
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Rachel King is a freelance journalist based in New York City and San Francisco.