Research in Motion is promoting a no-compromise strategy with the PlayBook tablet and arguing that the device is going to be the most important launch since the first BlackBerry.
RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie said that the PlayBook and its QNX operating system, which will support Android and BlackBerry Java apps, will set a product upgrade cycle that will lead to more tablets and superphones.
Listening to Balsillie talk about the PlayBook you couldn’t help but wonder what happens if the tablet flops. Balsillie predicted a “highly successful” launch and “enterprise greatness,” but the company declined to project units. RIM has 4G tablets and phones planned. “You’ll see why we’re bullish on the company,” said Balsillie on an earnings conference call. “Will be the most significant development for RIM since the launch of the first BlackBerry. Being a no compromise device matters.”