The photo-sharing website Twitpic has apologised to users for "confusion" and "lack of clarity" over changes it made to its terms and conditions.

The Twitpic home page
Twitpic was designed to help Twitter users upload photos
Twitter users vented their anger after it emerged that Twitpic might be allowed to sell the images people uploaded to the site.
User LizJarvisUK wrote: "Definitely won't be using twitpic to upload any more photos. My photos my copyright."
Another user, ChrisMou, tweeted: "Apparently twitpic is claiming copyright on photos, presumably so they can sell them without your permission. Classy."
In a post on the Twitpic blog on May 10, founder Noah Everett confirmed that users do still own their content.
The Twitter homepage appears on a screen in Washington on September 3, 2010.
Twitter users were angry with the changes
"Our terms state by uploading content to Twitpic you allow us to distribute that content on and our affiliated partners," the post said.
"This is standard among most user-generated content sites (including Twitter). If you delete a photo or video from Twitpic, that content is no longer viewable.
"To sum everything up, you the user retain all copyrights to your photos/videos and we are very sorry by the confusion our old updated terms of service caused."
The two websites have different owners, but Twitpic was designed specifically to help Twitter users put pictures on the microblogging site.
Twitpic recently signed a deal with news agency WENN for rights to distribute any posted images.