Verizon Wireless has confirmed that unlimited data plans for new smartphone customers will be withdrawn on July 7 and replaced with a tiered plan.
Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney confirmed to FierceWireless that the unlimited plans were on the way out. The tiered monthly plans will be as follows:
  • $30 - 2 GB
  • $50 - 5 GB
  • $80 - 10 GB
On top of this there will be a $20 monthly charge for those wanting to tether devices to a smartphone, and an overage charge of $10 per GB. Feature phone users will be able to pay $10 for 75MB.
Note: 100MB equals about 10 minutes of standard definition YouTube video or 200 ‘typical’ web pages.
Existing customers, along with those who upgrade on or after July 7 will be able keep their unlimited smartphone data plan.