Google Analytics Monthly Product Update
  January 2012
Hello -

It's a new year and we're excited to share our first product updates of 2012, which include a number of updates all designed to make your life with Google Analytics easier.
Access Analytics
As you look forward and plan for the year ahead, where will you focus your measurement efforts? Amy Chang, Director of Product Management for Google Analytics makes her predictions and shares her thoughts on what's in store for the industry this year, if you missed it you can read it here.
What's New
Update on the new version of Google Analytics
We continue to work on features including email, scheduling and pdf export as a top priority, alongside profile copying and dashboard sharing. A link to the old version of Google Analytics will remain until these features have been released. We've collected a lot of feedback on things you love and things you miss - but if there is still something you just can't live without, let us know by filling in this survey.
New Content Navigation & Site Search Features
Site Search Site Search report available with
Goals, eCommerce and AdSense

You can now connect searches on your sites with your KPIs through goals, eCommerce and AdSense revenue. As an example, a brand selling multiple products can now see how conversions are affected by site searches for specific items, e.g. 'mens shoes' or 'handbags'.
Breadcrumbs improvements improve usability
To make navigation more intuitive and easier we've added the ability to change a dimension along the breadcrumb path. In addition to navigating back in one direction, you can now navigate sideways on all reports.
In-Page Analytics In-Page Analytics tab added to the Pages report
You can now directly launch In-Page on the selected page in focus. This saves the need to navigate to the In-Page reports. You can move back and forth between the Pages, Navigation Summary, and In-Page tabs on the selected drill-down and gather insights much easier than before.
Tools for Google Analytics
Better Mobile App Tracking Tools for Developers: We've made several enhancements for mobile developers that increase reliability and enable the collection of more accurate data. These enhancements will help businesses get more insight from their mobile app initiatives. Check out this blog post for more information
Education & Resources
New Google Analytics Forum
Our user forums are an excellent help resource and we migrated to new Google Product Forums in January for increased stability and the potential to add exciting new features in the future. Visit our new forum to get answers to your questions and advice from other users.

Updated GAIQ Exam
We've updated the Google Analytics IQ course and exam to fully reflect the newest version of Google Analytics. Individual Qualification is a great way to learn about the full feature set and also show others your knowledge. We encourage all users to study the IQ course and become qualified.

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for digital marketing and analysis and we're looking forward to bringing you more useful features each month.

Happy Analysing,
The Google Analytics Team

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