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1 of your client's campaigns could benefit from more specific ads.

Stronger ad text can help your clients appeal to more potential customers.


Refining ad messaging
By simply adjusting ad content, the 'Slough' campaign in your client's 'Floor Sanding Experts Ltd' account could see an increase in its clickthrough rate.

What every AdWords ad should include:


A product or service-specific headline


A featured discount or special offer


The exact action a customer should take

An example:

Original ad

Online Camera Store

we sell the main brands
great prices here



Refined ad

8 Megapixel Cameras

10% off Digital Cameras
Free Delivery. Order Today!



July 2012

clickthrough rate


Percentage of your client's ad views that resulted in clicks.

Clearly written ads make a stronger impact and tend to attract new customers.


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