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July 2012
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AdWords Insights Review.

Google provides you with the tools to make an AdWords campaign a success. See how you can use them to grow your clients business.


Better insights with YouTube Analytics

Greater control with Ad Scheduling

Be in the right place with Remarketing

This is a self-service tool that enables you to better understand the audience behind the statistics of your brand's videos and channels. It allows you to identify traffic sources, track current and past viewer trends and establish a marketing strategy to fit YouTube Analytics.
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Make sure your ads are running when your customers are awake and online. Specify a certain time of day or week with ad scheduling. Your client will get the greatest ROI because their AdWords ads are showing at the best times to reach their target audiences.
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Match the right people to the right message with remarketing. Show ads to people who've already visited your client's website when they view other sites on the Google Display Network and get higher conversions from a likely group of potential customers.
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New Online AdWords Training
Learn AdWords best practices whenever and wherever you like. Google Engage has launched new AdWords training that has something for everyone. Login to Google Engage to learn more.

Free Google AdWords eBook
Learn everything from how to set up your first AdWords account to search funnels. Members of Google Engage can now download the O'Reilly ebook, Google AdWords, Setting your Account up for Success for just the right price. Login to Google Engage to learn more.

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