Successful property investments are seldom acquired they are created.

We(Indien) assists its clients in realising the potential of individual or portfolios of property.

Investment in non-residential property is about sharing in the income generated by retailers, offices, industrial, infrastructure and tourism. The appeal of this investment is the diverse nature of the asset class. Each of the property types is driven by different influences, both economic and geographic. As a result each will perform at its optimum during different phases of the property cycle.

The methods for investing in commercial property are equally diverse. Traditionally major financial institutions and wealthy individuals were the major investors in commercial property. This landscape has changed dramatically with listed and unlisted trusts and syndicates all vying for solid investment stock with direct property investors.

Over the last thirty years, Balance has witnessed all too often, investors confusing bricks and mortar with paper. The enormous diversity of property investment options has led to a situation where fundamental property principles are frequently lost in the detail.

Indien guides its clients through tested due diligence and risk assessment programs tailored to the property type and investment structure being pursued.

Clever investment is about reading the market and being in tune with the occupiers of your investment. In this way the clever investor is able to seize upon changing conditions or circumstances to maximise the potential for income growth.

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