There are hundreds of people around who can share their property investment ideas with us. Almost everyone, at some stage in their life, has experienced a property dealing. 

We’ve seen our parents, elder siblings etc buy a property. It has enriched our knowledge. Even listening about property dealing from friends also adds to our knowledge base. But nothing is more valuable than self indulgence.

Which are those deeper insights about property investment which experienced buyers use as their guide? How a beginner can invest in real estate in India as a pro?

This is what we are going to discuss in this article. But before that, lets’ refresh some basics about the property market in India. 


  • Property market in India.
  • Why property investment?
  • Tread with caution.
  • How to invest in real estate?
    • 1. Estimate affordability.
    • 2. Prepare for home loan.
    • 3. Criteria for property selection.
    • 4. Ask your property agent.
    • 5. New home: points to take care.
    • 6. Check the builder’s reputation.
    • 7. Look for property in outskirts.
    • 8. Book property in project launch.
    • 9. Look for a small property.

Why Property Investment?

Rich and wealthy invest in real estate directly. They own multiple residential or commercial properties. Steady and decent capital appreciation of their real estate property is common.

But the part which makes property investment so dear is its capability of generating stable short term income. The short term income is generated in form of “monthly rents“. 

The rate at which the rental income grows, generally beats inflation in long term. This is specially true for Metro, Tier1, and Tier 2 Cities. As the monthly yield of property grows, this also pushes the overall property price up.

These property investment ideas may sound basic, but they are effective. For a beginner, these suggestions can help in framing a right strategy. 

  • Location of property.
  • Size of property.
  • Affordability.
  • Acceptable quality & amenities.
  • Time of purchase.

These days, one of the biggest spoiler of property investment is “project delays”. Though not all delays are due to the builders, but they will always have the onus on them. 

Good, reputed developers always seems to find a way out and complete the project within schedule. In property investment, there could be noting better than a timely completion. 

I hope these ideas will give you some food for thought for your next property purchase.

Property Investment Firm Indien in India  is the real estate industry-leader in project management, with our principles of integrity, accountability, innovation and delivery guiding our actions, and with safety underpinning all that we do.

In the upcoming years, India will undergo rapid social and economic changes. This will breed a substantial increase in the country’s population and size of the cities, catering to a huge demand for the construction industry. India will shortly have one of the largest shares of the world’s building stock, comprising mainly of new developments.

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