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Advice for Sell Home Faster.

1. List During Peak Season

Peak selling season is usually in spring time each year, while sales tend to slump when the weather turns colder. Even if seasonal changes in the property market give us a good idea of when the right time is to sell, the property market is sometimes just as hard to predict as the weather is.

For this reason, it is always advisable to ask a real estate agent about when the right time would be for you to sell. Numerous factors can influence a property’s popularity at a given time, and there are also personal circumstances that can lead to having to sell, even if it isn’t peak selling season.

Take note, though: listing a property during peak season will mean that it will be competing with more properties than it would be otherwise. While competition is great and can help to drive up the price of a property, selling outside of peak season certainly doesn’t dispel the possibility of a sale altogether.

2. Lower Your Price

No seller wants to hear that lowering their asking price is a good way to help a home sell, but the fact of the matter is that exorbitantly-priced homes don’t appeal to as many buyers – especially if there are comparable properties at better prices right around the corner.

3. Remove Yourself from the Home

If there’s one bit of information sellers should remember from this article, it is to let your real estate agent take the reigns when it comes to the open house. Sure, you’re also interested in seeing who the new potential owner of your home might be, but sticking around while prospective buyers peruse the property won’t do you any favours.

Having the homeowners around whilst touring and inspecting the property makes buyers uncomfortable. They might want to ask questions that they know could upset the current owner of the house, or make comments on features that the seller has grown to love. If they feel unwilling to ask questions like these, there’s a good chance they might not bother asking later, and might even forget about the property as a result.

All in all, it’s always better to let your real estate agent handle negotiations on your behalf. They are objective about the property and can handle any queries without becoming overly emotional or putting buyers off.

4. Work with an Experienced Agent

As you might have noticed, a real estate agent that knows what they are talking about is absolutely crucial for home sellers – perhaps even more so if the property is spending too many days on the market.

When you pay agent’s commission, you aren’t only paying for an agent’s marketing capabilities. Because they work in this realm every day, real estate gents understand the undercurrents at play in the local property market. They understand the legal requirements involved in selling a home and have a myriad of marketing opportunities at their fingertips at all times. Just the fact that they don’t just help people to sell, but also help prospective buyers to find a home they’ll love, should be enough reason to consider making this a team effort.

Rest assured: agents want to earn good commission on every sale they make, and they definitely won’t do anything to hamper a possible sale. Agents can also advise sellers on maintenance and other issues.

If you’re having difficulty selling, ask yourself if this is really a venture you want to tackle on your own. In short, real estate agents take a lot of the stress out of selling a home and are essential sidekicks for sellers looking to make a profit in the shortest possible amount of time.


A home that is not selling easily can cause a lot of hassle for homeowners, but there is usually a good reason that a home spends more time on the market than is reasonable.

The price of the home, its state at the time of listing and the way it is perceived by potential buyers – both online and at the open house – can all have an influence on the popularity of the property in the buyer’s pool.

Luckily, these issues can easily be remedied when sellers have an agent they can trust by their side. Are you struggling to sell? Struggle no more, If you'd like to speak to one of our friendly real estate agents about houses and property for sale or rent in India, contact Indien office today. Alternatively, you can simply visit our Real Estate page and search for properties and homes for sale yourself.