Future of Internet Marketing
The advent of electronic commerce or ecommerce paved the way for internet marketing. Besides the actual buying and selling of products through the internet, the internet marketing also includes concept selling. Making people to visit a particular web site or making them recognize a particular advertisement while they browse the internet forms part of internet marketing.
The television remote enabled the viewers to keep on changing the channels and channel surfing is the order of the day. To make the viewers notice a particular advertisement the admen had to spend all their talent and brilliance to create novel and innovative ideas to present their message. Similarly the visitors to web sites are becoming more and more impatient and they use software tools to block the pop-up windows, they filter their emails to eliminate unwanted emails so the future of internet marketing depends on various new concepts and ideas to make the user take notice of an ad campaign.
If a new search engine emerges in the future, which might beat Google and Yahoo, then making use of its unlimited popularity, the future internet marketing bandwagon can get all the attention from the surfers and push up their concept or product sales to unimaginable heights. In the future internet marketing scenario, email publishing, RSS feeds, and ezines are going to take a back seat when the desktop real estate is targeted by the advertisers.
Affiliate marketing, Adsense and Pay per click are slowly and steadily losing their popularity as the newness of these methods is wearing out. In the future of internet marketing, instead of a pop-up windows carrying the advertisements, indirect advertisements masked in search results are going to have a big role because the surfers cannot get away from the result pages when they are actively seeking information. Already, in the middle of the advertisements, some of the highlighted words are leading to a masked up advertisement campaign and it is definitely going to be a popular method to get the attention of the surfers.
What ever is going to happen in the future internet marketing campaigns there are going to be some geeks bringing solutions to the surfers to skip the advertisement campaign. It is going to be a very hard work the future internet marketing managers to invent fancy and novel ideas to retain the surfer’s attention.
Be the first to know about future internet marketing trend and make sure that you will be oen of the first to profit from future business opportunities by avoiding fatal online business threats.
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US and UK Harpers Bazaar September 2009

US Harper’s Bazaar September 2009 is covered by actress Leighton Meester shot by Terry Richardson [on stands August 18th]. Here are some Gossip Girl’s interview quotes: On the alleged sex tape: “[The tape] is not real, so it makes me sort of sad. It’s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did... I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it’s real because somebody says it is.” On the pitfalls of fame: I don’t want most of what comes along with all of this. I’m doing everything I can to keep things separate. I feel like my friends are in a cult because we’re like, No outsiders! I’ve never been crazy. I’m a very good girl, to be honest. I don’t do anything to hurt anybody. Honestly, all I ever do is work.” On aging and Botox: “Any fear of aging, I think, is simply vanity because what comes with age is so many wonderful things: wisdom, understanding. Every year, I’m always happy to be done with the previous age. If people want [to get Botox], do it.” Co-star Ed Westwick on meeting Leighton for the first time: “ The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, F—ing hell, this girl’s gorgeous. And she was incredibly sweet. Now we tell each other to f— off whenever we want to.” Leighton models the looks of the fall season for every age group. My favorite part [about growing older] is not knowing what to expect. I never want to lose interest or passion for fashion.” She pairs a sexy little black dress with shining flowing hair for stylish chic view and then moves into the heavy hitters for a classic looks by Chanel, Donna Karan and Louis Vuitton. And the result - Leighton going from gorgeous to over the top glamourous. Read more in Harper’s Bazaar >> British Harper’s Bazaar September 2009 The photoshoot is very classy and innocent.