SEO Package Comparison
Looking for a SEO package? There's no solitary size-fits-all SEO plan - almost all businesses have specific needs and goals. Each of these SEO package features (and many others not listed here) requires a profoundly different set of marketing and optimization tactics and knowledge beyond the basics.
Personally I do not find any “Pre SEO Plan” fit with all kind of websites. I am not sure why some SEO companies sell a single SEO Package to all customers; in fact their websites and requirement are different.
Customized SEO Plan is always good and honest SEO agency/ Company / Freelancer makes a customized SEO plan according to customer’s business, geo location, target customers, products, budget, website’s architecture etc.

I would like to ask to those company who sell SEO package - why general SEO packages is fine with all kind of website?. Why customer will buy your 10 keywords, 20 keywords or 30 keywords or 40 keywords or whatever your rubbish plan, if his website contain more than 2000 pages and website is totally made in flash.
I think SEO packages are not fit with such kind of condition/websites.

Clever SEO companies sell general SEO package for - new website / old website / big portal / small website/ personal website / official website/ law company’s website / real-estate website / dynamic website and html or static website.
Please remember SEO package is made to suck money from customers.

I never suggest to anyone to buy any SEO plan, I prefer to make a customized SEO package for our customers.