Affordable PPC Advertising Programs

A majority of online businesses depend on PPC advertising to promote their business to their target audience. However, PPC advertising is a very dynamic and complex field with changes and advancements taking place every day. It is relatively difficult for a business owner to spend the time and effort required to stay ahead of the game in affordable PPC advertising programs.

The Reason For High Costs
One of the biggest reason that unnecessary expense is incurred in PPC advertising is that the ads are not targeted to the correct audience. When the audience viewing your ad is not highly targeted you stand to make no revenue but risk losing advertising dollars. Many times web users get attracted to compelling and attractive ads even if they are not interested in buying the product. This results in a lot of unqualified clicks which completely disrupt the budget for affordable PPC advertising programs.

Targeted Audience
Now, it is possible to get access to a highly targeted audience. What you need is an affordable PPC advertising program that has a great network of niche publishers. When your ads are displayed to niche publishers who target specific audiences, you increase the chance of accessing the cream of relevant traffic. You will be able to target people who are genuinely interested in your products through the network of niche publishers. This will have a huge impact on your online advertising.

What To Look For
When you are looking for affordable PPC advertising programs, you need to look out for certain characteristics. The advertising program should have an impressive network of niche publishers. The advertising program should also offer the most effective advertising business model- the cost per action advertising. In this model, you only pay for the actual conversions on your page, not for the untargeted impressions and clicks. And, finally, the advertising program should offer a real time and easy to follow tracking and reporting structures. This will give you complete control of your online advertising and enable you to get a high ROI.

Your search for a premium, yet affordable PPC advertising program ends with AMIT Inc., you will get access to a niche network of publishers, the advantages of a cost per action advertising business model and state of the art tracking and reporting structures. You will never need to look for another resource to make your online advertising as effective as possible.

PPC Management Packages

Campaign Management varies depending on your monthly ad spend. The standard PPC Package typically includes:


PPC Campaign Setup

    * Establish business objectives
    * Analysis of existing campaigns
    * Analysis of competitors keywords and campaigns
    * Keyword research and theme grouping
    * Development of optimized campaigns
    * Creation and testing of multiple ads
    * Keywords directed to relevant pages
    * Proper use of content match
    * Geo targeted campaigns
    * Negative keywords
    * Keyword matching options
    * Site Placement selection and setup

PPC Campaign Management/Maintenance

    * Active monitoring and bid adjustments
    * Elimination of ineffective terms and ads
    * Optimisation and expansion of ad groups

    * Ongoing budget management and analysis
    * Keyword performance analysis
    * Ad performance tracking and optimisation
    * Conversion tracking and ROI analysis
    * Continued detailed reporting
    * Improve CTR (click through rates)
    * Lower cost and cost per conversion
    * Updates with platform changes
    * Quality score improvement
    * Weekly reporting

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