It's official. Bill Gates has Facebook ennui. The billionaire philanthropist and computing genius (oh, and Microsoft chairman!) has canned his Facebook account because managing his profile had become "way too much trouble."
Gates has, effectively, committed Facebook suicide.
"I had 10,000 people wanting to be my friends," Gates told a conference in India, where he was speaking on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Gates revealed how he found it increasingly hard to remember which of his Facebook contacts he actually did and didn't know.
A familiar quandary
Anybody who has acquired a decent number of 'friends' via Facebook will know the feeling. When notifications from people you don't know are taking up valuable hours of your life, you really have to question what you are actually doing !
"It was just way too much trouble, so I gave it up," said Gates. He also revealed that he still (shock! horror!) read books and wasn't such a dab-hand at texting.
"I read a lot and some of that reading is not on a computer," said Gates, adding he was also "not that big at text messaging."