Google recently announced that it would make its Android mobile operating system more accessible and functional for enterprise users. The announcement comes just days after Touch Revolution; a San Francisco based startup claimed that some well-known companies will release Android devices this year.
Cellular South, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless will soon join T Mobile, which is the only company that has launched phones on Android system so far. Already blogs and other news outlets have created hype by reporting on every single rumor and leaks before the launch of the T Mobile phone, which looks all set to take on the Apple iPhone. Many analysts are saying that the Android platform is not tapped up to its full potential. But companies which are planning to launch phones on the Android platform can tap it by providing a unique experience to the users. Taiwan's HTC is the most active phone maker in the Android market, with its Sense software, which allows users to put the pictures of their contacts alongside their mails, messages and call registers. Motorola is also planning to make the difference by adding the Push software. Google's Android platform has around 5000 applications at present as compared to a whopping 65,000 applications in the Apple iPhone. The application downloads in the iPhone have already crossed the barrier by 1.5 billion downloads till now, as around 21 million units have already been sold. Android phones still need to go a long way to cross the much-hyped Palm Pre, along with its race with the iPhone. With Apple and Google eyeing the Chinese market, the good news for Google is that Apple could not manage to come up with an agreement with the biggest mobile service in China, China Mobile. Instead, they are in talks with the second biggest, China Unicom. The executives of the China Mobile are placing the bet on the Android phones. The offerings by both Apple and Google will be the most important factor to differentiate between the two. It includes the features and the factors provided by the Android as compared to the Windows Mobile, Symbian and other smartphones OS.
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