YouTube has announced that it has re-jigged its mobile website, providing better access to the video-sharing site on smartphones.
Users have been able to access a rudimentary version of YouTube via mobile phone since 2007, but the advent of smartphones mean better browsing capabilities.
In a blog post, Dwipal Desai, YouTube Product Manager, said about the news site: "As more and more people are using the browser on their smartphones for checking email, visiting websites, and even accessing YouTube, we want to make sure that we provide the best possible YouTube experience on your mobile browser.
"Today we released a new mobile website specifically designed to access YouTube on smartphones with capable browsers; phones like the iPhone, G1 and Palm Pre."
Specially designed
He continues: "Just visit from your mobile phone, and you'll be taken to a new website specially designed for your device.
"You can log into your account, view your favourites, and discover and share new videos quickly and easily with whoever you choose. It's part of our mission to create the best possible YouTube experience for you, whether you use the site on your computer, in your living room, or on the go."
While the site has been sorted out for the more popular smartphones, not all portable devices are catered for, with comments on the blog suggesting that PSP users still can't get decent access to the site.
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