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Earn revenue with Google AdSense

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You already know that Google Analytics provides the information you need to make decisions to grow and manage visitors to your website. As you grow your website, Google AdSense is a great tool that allows you to earn revenue from that traffic by displaying relevant and engaging advertising on your website.

As an Analytics user, you have access to descriptive data on your websites' traffic and your users' behaviour . Some website owners have found that they can use this data to strategically incorporate AdSense, helping them to easily identify trends to unlock the earning potential of their websites.

A great example of using Analytics and AdSense can be seen in how, on its network, has monetised its top exit pages. SavetzPublishing was looking for a way to optimise their ad placement, without having a negative impact on their core users. SavetzPublishing used Analytics to identify their top exit pages and AdSense to display ads on these pages. Kevin Savetz, the owner of SavetzPublishing and FreePrintable, quickly realised that this advertising did not have a negative impact on his site's core users. Instead, as he describes, these ads provide "a means of monetising traffic that would already be leaving. My users are still happy and getting relevant content."

SavetzPublishing's strategy highlights how sites can use Analytics and AdSense to better monetise traffic that is already exiting a site. AdSense can help sites like these increase overall revenue without changing their current business model. As Kevin put it, AdSense allowed him to "see a huge jump in revenue after targeting exit pages."

As SavetzPublishing has done, see how incorporating AdSense with Analytics can optimise your site. Start using AdSense to display relevant ads and begin earning revenue. Google AdSense.

The benefits of implementing Google AdSense

  • Earn revenue from relevant and engaging advertising that enhances the user experience of your site.
  • You're in control - protect your brand by customising the size, location, and type of ads that appear.
  • Gain insight - a powerful integration with Google Analytics and AdSense helps you easily identify trends and factors that influence the earning potential of your website.
  • Simple and easy - just add a snippet of code to your site and you're ready to start displaying ads.
  • No risk. No obligation. There's no minimum term or commitment. And it's free.
  • AdSense Within Analytics. You can easily track your success with AdSense from your Analytics account. Learn more on how you can track your AdSense earnings and reporting, without leaving the Analytics interface.

AdSense is a great tool for Analytics users. Get started and begin earning with AdSense.

The Google AdSense Team

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