As a reminder, the 15 items in the list are ordered from least important to most in a reverse countdown.I've also included what I think are the odds of Apple actually implementing each request.As always, feel free to agree or disagree with me and make your own suggestions (and to post your own ordered wish list).
Now that everybody's gotten over that development (or at least most people have), I have no choice but to go ahead and update this most-wanted list because, well, a lot of you are already looking past the 4S as you continue to hold out for the true iPhone So, what's new?OK, so this column may seem like a bit of deja vu, but that's what happens when instead of introducing a fifth-generation iPhone called the iPhone 5, Apple goes ahead and releases the iPhone 4S
Note: I originally posted this column the day after the iPhone 4 launched, which is why you see a lot of comments dating back to June of last year--but they're fun to read). 
I've also thrown in a couple new items, one involving "wireless" charging.
Well, with the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple did include some features I was hoping would be in the iPhone5, so the list is now shorter: it's been culled from 20 down to 15 features, although that could change in the coming months.

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