Welcome to AdWords Insights for agencies. A monthly update to share new AdWords features, educational resources, and best practices


March 2012

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Welcome to AdWords Insights for agencies. A monthly update to share new AdWords features, educational resources, and best practices.

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What's New

Say hello to the new version of Google Analytics!

What is it?

The new version of Google Analytics is here and ready to go! Over the next few weeks we'll be saying goodbye to the old Analytics and hello to the new. Complete with a brand new, redesigned interface that makes it even easier to segment and explore your data, the new version also has powerful new features to help you quickly access insights to optimise advertising, site content and conversions.

Powerful, yet simple and faster than ever

The new version offers Real-Time Reporting which allows you to see what's happening on your site up to the second; Multi-Channel Funnels to enable you to see which channels customers interacted with during the 30 days prior to converting or purchasing, and Mobile Reporting to help you understand how mobile visitors are interacting with your site. This also includes Adwords reporting by device so you can see how tablets and mobile campaigns differ.

Want more information?

Check out the new features on the Google Analytics Help Center.

Tips & Tricks

Reach Target Audiences More Effectively with Interest-Category Marketing

Now is the perfect time to add interest categories to your opportunity arsenal. Interest categories enable advertisers to reach audiences across the Google Display Network by serving contextually relevant ads based on their online habits. Associate any of 1000+ interest categories (e.g., auto enthusiast, sports enthusiast, travel enthusiast, etc.) with your ads, and Google will show those ads to people with an interest in those categories.

The benefits include: opportunities to increase awareness of brands and products, ads and bids tailored to specific interests, driving traffic to websites, extending the reach and frequency of existing campaigns using keyword, placement or topic targeting.

In the Interest of Interests… Find out how to get interest-category marketing working for your campaigns.

Grow Your Business

Sculpt Your Marketing Landscape with Zero Moment of Truth

The way we shop is changing, and keeping-up as a marketer can be a challenge. Whether we're shopping for cereal, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Hawaii, the Internet has revolutionized our buying decisions.

These days we're all online, in search of ratings, social media-based peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details that inform us down the path to purchase. To remain effective, modern marketing strategies have to evolve as shopping advances.

An eBook by Google's Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist, Jim Lecinski, ZMOT includes extensive research, anecdotes and insights from top industry executives discussing marketing strategies that will help you understand the shifts in the marketing landscape as well as what it takes to win

Check out the Zero Moment of Truth eBook.[English only]



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