Brainstorming Your Social Media Strategy from Inside Out


When it comes to social media strategy, there is no shortage of consultants and self-styled experts to tell you how to do it. But there's a lot more to building a successful organizational program than "engaging in the conversation," acquiring more Facebook fans than your competitors, or being first on a hot new social network. If you haven't organized your organization internally for social media success, it won't matter what you do externally. This session will cover all the challenges involved with getting a comprehensive social media program off the ground - from the inside out.

You'll learn:

  • Why who should own social media is the wrong question
  • What departments and roles are critical to create a social marketing power team
  • Where the potholes are that keep most social media efforts from truly taking off
  • What are the seven elements to a winning social media program for all organizations
  • How to build a fire-proof social media crisis team and process
  • How to define "success" before your start, and select the right tools to measure it

Don't miss this no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase learning event led by Christopher Barger, former social media lead with IBM and GM; SVP Global Social Media, Voce Connect; and author of the new book, Social Media Strategist.

If you work in corporate communications, marketing, customer service, PR, Legal, IT and HR, you should attend this webinar.

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Free bonus webinar replay: Social Media Intelligence, by Sally Falkow - How to find actionable insights that create business value ($255 value).


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