April 2012

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What's New

The AdWords Display Ad Builder Tool

What is it?

The Display Ad Builder (DAB) tool is a gallery of display ad templates you can use to build and customize image ads from existing text ads in your client's campaign. Now it's simple to create customized image and video ads for free.

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Check out the new features on the Google AdWords Blog.

Tips & Tricks

The Analytics Flow Visualisation Tool provides a graphical view of your data.

The Flow Visualization tool in Google Analytics lets you analyze the data on your website graphically, and see how visitors move across your site. Use this data to provide feedback on improving your clients' site construction or design.

Grow Your Business

Best practices to optimize your clients' mobile website.

Did you know that by 2013 more people will be online with their mobile phones than with their computers? Mobile advertising offers a big opportunity for both you and your clients. But you must be careful. According to some studies 57% of all users would not recommend a business if their mobile website is bad. Make sure that your clients' websites are optimized for mobile phones so they don't miss customers who are on the go.

Our team responsible for mobile advertising created a list with 10 best practices for mobile websites. Here you can learn how to optimize a website with a few easy tricks.

*Source: Gartner, 2010.
**Source: Compuware, "What Users Want from Mobile", 2011

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